Smart Concrete Technology is a certified WBE and DBE providing the highest quality flooring and concrete support in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond. Through services as a consultant, project manager, and product distributor, a partnership with Smart Concrete gives your project a flooring expert that can ensure lasting flooring solutions.

We help prevent problems as well as mitigate inherited issues on a site. Our work focuses on concrete restoration and repair, moisture mitigation, product consultation, and cellular concrete project management. As an Independent Testing Agency, Smart Concrete Technology is dedicated to giving you thorough, accurate test results to provide a complete picture of your job site’s conditions.

01 Testing

What We Look For: Smart Concrete Technology can provide a variety of tests to ensure that your site is ready for flooring installation to progress. We look at factors such as moisture, pH, age of the structure, and more to determine what your site needs for moisture mitigation or other services.

RH Moisture Testing: We perform ASTM F2170 Relative Humidity Testing to determine what flooring systems will be most appropriate for your site’s relative humidity levels in situ, and what moisture mitigation is needed. We can offer testing using Wagner, Vaisala, and Tramex systems.

Calcium Chloride Testing: Some manufacturers still require ASTM F1869 CaCl testing to determine moisture vapor emission rates. We can perform this test if necessary, prior to a floor system installation.

PH Testing: Adhesives are generally affected by high pH values, where any acidic environment over 9 could pose a problem. A simple test will let you know your site’s pH levels for appropriate mitigation.

02 Consulting

As an Independent Testing Agency with over 20 years of industry experience with manufacturers, contractors, and architects, our consultancy goes beyond opinion to offer smart solutions that are based on science and best practices. We come to your jobsite to get firsthand insight on your site conditions and/or existing issues.

03 Project Management

Flooring installation can be a bigger undertaking than some contractors want to handle on their own. Smart Concrete can manage flooring systems installation from testing and moisture mitigation to material selection and the finished floor. We give you the expertise and peace of mind needed to give any project a strong, smart foundation.

04 Supplier

Smart Concrete Technology stands behind a series of manufacturers and their products that we believe are on the cutting edge of providing real solutions in construction. Any product recommended by Smart Concrete is one we have worked with and researched extensively to ensure the best match for your project. Product recommendations are tailored to the needs of the client. Visit the company websites to learn more about their products.

05 Civil Work

For bigger-scale infrastructure projects, such as highways, interstates, bridges, parking lots and garages, and other concrete-heavy projects, Smart Concrete Technology offers cellular concrete project management and can provide a trusted, vetted superintendent for these projects with larger municipalities. Smart Concrete is a federally certified WBE, and is DBE certified in Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, with more state certifications for DBE pending.

06 NAICS Codes

NAICS 238330: Flooring Contractors
NAICS 423320: Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers
NAICS 424690: Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers
NAICS 541380: Testing Laboratories and Services